Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harvey Berin Dress - 1956

May I just say, everything about this dress from 1956 is perfection, pure and simple.  The Harvey Berin company was better known for their evening wear, but designer Karen Stark also fashioned some outstanding daytime dresses and suits, as you can see.

-  Look at that black and white dotty fabric (likely silk) that has an almost Op Art look to it 10 years too early.
-  Look at the black bands at the waist.  Each has a bow, but they are on opposite sides.
-  Look at that pleated full skirt.  The photographer has captured its movement on film.
-  And LOOK at the matching umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you love it as much as I do?


MC said...

I agree -- perfection! Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

Lovely, and those little strappy shoes don't overpower the dress.

Julie Mason said...

Just divine!

Loretta Young said...

It is THE perfect mid-century expression of American beauty...I LOVE it! Any woman would feel like a million bucks swinging down the street in this gay (old sense of the word) number. Thanks for sharing, Jody!

Vintagesuburbia said...

This is divine. I am a big fan of black and white and I love the matching umbrella. I do laugh at the impossibly tiny waist though. Sometimes I wear fairly 'snug' vintage suits and dresses to work and I can't even type in them sometimes (I get around this by taking the jacket off but some of my dresses simply can't be worn to work!). And forget about eating anything. I really adore this sillouette but they are not necessarily made to do much work in! But who needs to work when you look this good! Thanks for all the great posts showcasing these beautiful dresses. I just wish I could buy them today!

Yana said...

ho yes I do love this outfit. And the shoes, there are so simple and at the same time so matching whith the dress. Not too much not too simple. Just amazing how great she looks!

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