Friday, September 21, 2012

2 Emma Domb Evening Gowns

In a striking juxtaposition and a bit of serendipity, I present to you two eerily similar, but completely different evening gowns by Emma Domb.  In the world of vintage, it is rare to find the same garment twice.  It has happened to me, but only twice in all my years of selling.  While these two gowns are different, the are similar enough that when I found the second, it jogged my memory of the first.

I sold this Emma Domb gown 2-3 years ago.  It dates to the early 1950s and is made of a deep peachy-beige Duchesse satin accented with vibrant orange and beading.  It's not often you find orange used as an accent color, especially for evening.

Yesterday, I listed this Emma Domb evening gown on my site.  It dates to the late 50s, possibly even the early 60s, and is made of a dove gray-beige color taffeta with beads and sequins on the bodice.  And look!  Orange again!

Here's were it gets even more interesting.  On the early 50s gown, Domb used a draped loop with long sashes at the side of the back.

On the late 50s gown, Domb used the same loops and sashes, this time in the center of the back.

Orange.  It works, doesn't it?


Vintagesuburbia said...

Thanks for this insight into Emma Doomb, a designer I have noticed mentioned on etsy a bit, but I don't know a lot about her. Her use of sashes is interesting and I love how you have compared the two styles. I am not a huge fan of orange myself, having fair freckled skin, but it looks fabulous as a feature item like this. Thanks!

Jen O said...

I love that these have the orange in common--do you think she raided her fabric stock again for the same fabric? It's also cool that her aesthetic was constant in the way she draped her sash, now that's a signature look.

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