Monday, September 17, 2012

Wear a Fur Muff with Your Vintage Suit - 1954

Note: I am a firm believer that if you chose to wear fur, you should always chose vintage. That keeps coats and stoles already in existence out of our landfills and at the same time doesn't support the unneeded slaughter of today's animals for fashion. In showing images of vintage furs on this blog, I hope to inspire you and show you how beautiful they can be for the modern woman.

Christian Dior suit with a fox fur muff and wide brimmed hat.
There's something about the look of a fur muff when worn with a vintage suit that adds just the right finishing touch. All of these images are of couture suits from the fall of 1954.

Chanel suit with sable collar, cuffs, hat and muff.

Pierre Balmain plaid suit with a Persian lamb collar and muff.

Nina Ricci suit trimmed in Persian lamb fur and worn with a Persian lamb muff.
Prefer to not wear real fur?  There are lots of vintage patterns available to make your own muff out of faux fur, but you don't really need a pattern.  Here's a great tutorial on how to make a muff at home!