Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mad for Plaid - 1956

There's a touch of Fall in the air this morning, and that brings to mind the perfect dress for this time of year. It's plaid, it's a darker color than the tropical brights of summer, and it's cotton because those cool mornings will give way to still-warm temperatures in the afternoon. These examples are all from 1956.

Kane Weill, one of the myriad of New York's 7th Avenue manufacturers of fine dresses, offered this full skirted cotton dress in brown, royal blue and black or green, royal blue and black plaid.  Black velvet accents the collar and cuffs. Sold in 1956 for $40 (about $337 in today's dollar.)  Hat by Mr. John.

L'Aiglon cotton plaid dress with a full skirt and linen collar.  This one buttons all the way up the front.  Sold in 1956 for $18 (about $152 in today's dollar.)

Nantucket Naturals brown cotton plaid accented with a big black organdy bow at the neckline.  Carry the black through in the belt, gloves and hat.  Sold in 1956 for $40 (about $337 in today's dollar.)

Kane Weill again, this time with a simple shirtwaist in brown, black and rust red plaid accented with black velvet at the collar and cuffs.  Sold in 1956 for $40 (about $337 in today's dollar.)