Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystery Solved

 In April 2012, I shared with you a post about a dress that was worn on Mad Men during season 5.

I had the identical dress for sale at Couture Allure at the time.  I knew it was a high end dress, but it only had a label from the store that sold it, Galosy's.

This morning, the mystery is solved.  The dress was designed by Malcolm Starr in 1967.  "Dress for dreams: royal blue cuffed in a rainbow of paillettes, wooden beads, crystals. By Malcolm Starr, in William Rose fabric of Celanese rayon, worsted and silk.  $265."  That's about $1,848 in today's dollar and the dress would be worth every penny if you could find anything remotely as well made today.  Stockings by Dior, shoes by Julianelli.

Photo by Neal Barr for Harper's Bazaar, 1967.