Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Polka Dots - 1949

 Polka dots and pretty prints were popular for dresses in 1949.  Skirts were fuller and longer, but not as poofy as we would see in a few short years.  I love the graceful femininity of these beauties.

Above: Townfield dress of polka dotted rayon surah.

Triple tiered flounces make this dress by Marcy Lee.  Made of rayon crepe in gray, brown, navy or red, all with white polka dots.

If you love to wear polka dots, don't miss this post of mine from 2009 with tips for doing just that!


Michele said...

So happy to read this post as I'm always a little bit leery of polka dots, afraid they might be too youthful for my 40-something figure. This lady proves otherwise, thank you!

Laura Mae said...

Polka dots are fabulous! I just wish I could find more nice polka dotted fabrics in natural fibers . . .

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