Saturday, April 22, 2006

Interesting Details

I don't think there is anything sexier than a vintage 1940's suit. Fitted through the waist, with flared hips and shoulder pads to balance the hip width, nothing is more flattering to the feminine figure. As an added bonus, these suits always feature unusual design details that make them totally unique and unlike anything you can buy today.

This particular beauty is fashioned from a black and brown boucle knit. The designer has decided to use a plain boucle for the A-line skirt and a co-ordinating plaid boucle for the jacket. The lines of the plaid are very subtle and are fashioned from an ombre yarn in the primary colors of the rainbow. If those lines in the plaid were any larger, it would be too much, but the single strand of yarn makes this suit go from good to gorgeous!

Note how perfectly the plaid is matched from the body of the jacket across to the sleeves. To get this right, the pieces of the jacket must be laid out on the fabric with great care when cutting. Then the seamstress has to get those lines matched up perfectly when sewing the garment. As a final touch, the collar and lapels have been finished with topstitching in the ombre yarn.

I also like the fact that the back darts have been placed in such a way that the vertical lines of the plaid form a gentle curve, serving to visually make the waist smaller.

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