Thursday, September 18, 2008

1961 Dior Suit Dresses

Dresses that look like suits were shown by Dior for Fall 1961. "Dior's delicious dinner suit that almost stopped the show - pale blue velvet, with whipped creamy chinchilla collar and cuffs; worn with a great, squashy chinchilla beret. Besides all this un-hidden flattery, it has a hidden surprise - it's actually one piece."

This dress was imported and copied by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Again, a dress that looks like two pieces by Dior for Fall 1961. This dress was shown on the runway under the third flared coat we showed the other day. Here we see the shortening of the hem length that began in the early 60's. The waist is belted above the full flared skirt. Note how the model wears her long gloves over the sleeves of the dress.

This dress was shown by Dior in dark brown wool and was copied by Abe Schrader for Saks Fifth Avenue, Julious Garfinckel, and Frederick & Nelson.