Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Dress Up a Basic Vintage Sheath Dress

We all need at least one in our closet - a basic sheath dress.

Sheath: 1. Straight, narrow fitted dress usually with no waistline but shaped to body by vertical darts, or with set-in waistline. Ease of skirt obtained by inverted pleats at sides or center back. 2. Tight-fitting dress with regular waistline seam or set-in waistline and sheath skirt that is very narrow at hem and slashed at back to facilitate walking.

This dress by Jonathan Logan and sold by Lord & Taylor was made in wool flannel. It sold in 1955 for $17.95 ($144.40 today).

How do you take a basic sheath and make it noticeable? Accessorize! Add a wide belt at the waist and a statement necklace as shown here, and you've got a timeless look. In fact, take away those gloves and this photo could be in any current fashion magazine!

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