Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Dresses - 1954

How I love the mid 1950s, which is the height of full skirt dressing. Skirts have yards and yards of fabric and a shape that flares straight out from the waist. Hems are a few inches below the knee. Alternatively, slim sheaths that are fitted to the body are also in vogue. Whether full or slim, though, its all about a tiny waist. Here, dresses for the heat of summer from 1954.

Jerry Parnis black and white striped cotton dress.
Sold for $45 in 1954 (about $368 in today's dollar).

B.H. Wragge beige linen with black figural stripes accented with black ribbon. Sold for $50 in 1954 (about $408 in today's dollar).

Givenchy red and white polka dot silk dress. Note how the belt is tied instead of buckled.

Sheath dress made from Simplicity pattern 4633 in red embroidered Moygashel linen.

Gay Gibson green and white gingham check dress.
Sold for $13 in 1954 (about $106 in today's dollar).

Photo 2 by Paul Radkai, 3 by Louise Dahl-Woolfe, 4 by Derujinsky, 5 by Tom Palumbo.