Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saks Holiday Catalog - 2000 The Furs

More from the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Preview catalog from 2000. While not technically vintage, I do think it is interesting to see what Saks and the designers were showing 10 years ago. Today, a look at some of the furs.

Birger Christensen diamond pattern dyed sheared mink coat with mink collar and cuffs. Sold for $6750 in 2000.

Adrienne Landau black cashmere cape reverses to wool paisley and trimmed in Finnish fox fur. Sold for $2500 in 2000.

SFA exclusive cashmere sweater with mink fur trim. Sold for $428 in 2000.

Birger Christensen mink vest with drawstring waist. Sold for $2500 in 2000.

Saks exclusive olive cashgora coat trimmed with natural Russian golden sable fur. Sold for $8995 in 2000.