Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wartime Swimsuit Photos, 1945

Dick Pope was the owner of Cypress Gardens in Florida and also a photographer who did publicity shots for other Florida resorts.  Because of gasoline restrictions during WWII, Pope was forced to stop his travels throughout the state and take all of his photos at Cypress Gardens.  But without a beach or palm trees, Pope had to be innovative in his use of props.  These photos were taken in 1945.

 The photographer built a fake beach with some sand and beach grass on a wooden platform.

 Here, Pope uses a sawed off trunk of a palm tree to emulate a real one.

Who cares about the swimsuit.  I want the SHOES!!!!!!!!!

The model sits on a large stump while Pope holds a reflector to dramatically increase the sunlight.  Still want the SHOES!!!!!!!

A palm branch is held in place in a wooden contraption so the model can stand under it.