Thursday, November 03, 2011

Costume Contest Entries #4

Here are the final entries in this year's Halloween Costume Contest.  The contest is now closed and the winner will be chosen by random drawing and announced here on the blog tomorrow.  Good luck to all the entrants and thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

 21.  Nabby of as Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The boots, hat and goggles are vintage and the rest was hand made by Nabby.

22.   Tiffany as a flapper.

23.  Johnny Schaffer and friend.  Johnny says, "We are wearing all vintage clothing that I own. The only thing not vintage is our shoes and my shirt."

24.   Renata as a flapper. She made the feather fascinator herself.

25.  Yvonne Lambert of dressed as Yoko Ono AND John Lennon. Yvonne says, " My costume was inspired by Annie Liebovitz's famous 1980 Rolling Stone cover photo. I made the giant fetal-looking John Lennon "doll" myself, using several yards of muslin, 8lbs of stuffing, and a wig. The only vintage item I am actually wearing are my black suede 60's/70's go-go boots which, sadly, did not end up in the pictures. My husband, Josh Lambert, humored me and dressed as Annie Liebovitz!"

26.  Tiffany Benedict Berkson as Cleopatra. Tiffany says, "I was so proud of this Cleopatra outfit--bought the dress at a vintage store in Fresno, and made the collar from a placemat and beads and the rest from sewing and painting!"

Yvonne Lambert of as an escapted marionette. The vintage dress was custom made for Broadway/Hollywood actress, Susan Tyrrell, by her friend and offbeat fashion designer Gregory Poe.
27.  Jessica Jaeger of "dressed up as Miss Blankenship from season 4 of Mad Men for the second annual Mad Men Halloween at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge here in Milwaukee. The suit is vintage as are my stockings, foundations, jewelry and accessories. The blouse, probably vintage 1980s, was similar in design to the original but still needed a few alterations to make it more closely resemble one of her blouses from the series. I added all of the tacky old lady lace (around the collar, down the CF, on the sleeve bands) and also had to shorten the sleeves to make it more screen accurate. The wig was originally made for our production of "Bombshells" last season but was cut from the show last minute so was never used, our wig master kindly re-styled it for me and let me borrow it for the evening. I won the costume contest that evening too, beating out all the Joans and the random sexy secretaries. Everybody got a real kick out of the costume."

28.  Karissa of as Carmen Miranda. "My dress is a 1950's Katie Schorer Originals dress. Katie Schorer only designed square dancing dresses, but I thought this would work perfectly as Carmen Miranda. The scarves wrapped around my head or vintage silk scarfs as well."

29.  Collette says, "I did a b&w costume this year and it was 30s/40s inspired. I attempted a finger wave and set the rest of my hair in pin curls. The dress is modern but with an old fashioned feel."

30.  Michelle Nugent of New to You on the left with the red/orange wig wearing a vintage 70's pantsuit. She was a funky hula hoop dancer. The person in the middle is a Mardi Gras band leader, her jacket is a vintage 80's beaded blazer, which was her inspiration for the costume. The young man is Riff-Raff, the handyman/butler from the Rocky Horror Picture show. His "tux" jacket was made from a vintage men's blazer that had been cut down so it would have tails.

31.  The Adkins family as vintage breakfast cereal monsters Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula.

32.  Rosemary as Marlo Thomas in "That Girl". She is wearing a vintage 60s dress.

33.  Amanda Lee of says, "This year I dressed as a pinup ghost--I wore a 1940s midriff sweater and a pair of 1950s velvet shorts, along with 40s-style platform heels."

Johnny Schaffer says, "We went as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. I made those costumes myself and refurnished/reconstructed a vintage 1950's wedding dress for her costume!"