Monday, February 13, 2012

Claire McCardell, 1949

Claire McCardell was well known for her easy-to-wear sportswear designs.  In the spring of 1949, her designs were featured in this 2-page ad for fabric manufacturer Celanese.  Celanese had developed a new acetate/rayon sharkskin fabric that was knit rather than woven.  Sharkskin is normally associated with men's suits from the late 50s and early 60s.  It has a smooth finish with a subtle shiny finish.  This fabric would have been perfect for McCardell's esthetic, as it was comfortable and wrinkle resistant.

2 piece dress above with wonderful large pockets available in pink, white or blue.  Sold in 1949 for $40 (about $378 in today's dollar.)

More from the same collection, also available in pink, white, or blue. 
At left:  Bathing suit, also with large pockets and a deep decolletage.  Sold for $20 in 1949 (about $189 in today's dollar.)
At right:  The darling beach coat to wear over the swimsuit.  Sold for $20 in 1949 (about $189 in today's dollar.)