Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Couture Allure Blog Content Being Stolen

My name is Jody.  I am the owner of Couture Allure Vintage Fashion and the author of the Couture Allure Blog.  It has come to my attention that the content of my blog is being "scraped" and stolen on a daily basis by a site called (name removed as site has been shut down.)  Look up in the address bar of your browser.  If the URL does not begin with http://coutureallure.blogspot.com then you are looking at my original writing and content. That content has been stolen and posted without permission from the Couture Allure Blog.   Not only is (name removed as site has been shut down) stealing content from my blog, but they are stealing ALL of the content they claim copyright to from many high profile vintage blogs across the world.

Normally, this would be a simple matter of filing a DMCA report with the web host of the offending blog.  However, this site is very cleverly using a European host that is not subject to US copyright laws and has a poor record of responding to complaints of abuse.  I have tried writing to that web host to no avail.  And I cannot write the owner of the offending blog because there is no contact information on their site.  If you can offer any advice about dealing with this issue, I will gladly welcome it.  And if you are the owner of (name removed as site has been shut down), please remove my content from your blog and I will be happy to remove your name from this post.

UPDATE:  As of this morning, June 7, the offending website has been taken down.   Thank you for all your support, dear readers!

For now, I will be forced to add this copyright notice to all the posts on my blog.  Please note: This blog post is copyright of the Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog.  If you are reading this information anywhere but at http://coutureallure.blogspot.com/, the content has been stolen and posted without permission from the Couture Allure Blog or the Couture Allure Website.

Photo of Mary Astor by Edward Steichen, 1933.