Friday, July 20, 2012

Designer Clothing in Modess Ads

One of my biggest frustrations as a vintage lover are the "Modess....because" ads by Johnson & Johnson.  They feature the most gorgeous clothes, but no mention or attribution is given to the designers of the over-the-top ballgowns and evening wear used in the ads.  

Young & Rubicam was the advertising agency responsible for the ads.  They contracted with well-known designers and couturiers of the time - Christian Dior, Jacques Fath, Balenciaga, Hattie Carnegie, Falkenstein, etc, etc. The clothes used in the ads were designed exclusively for Johnson & Johnson to be used in the Modess ads and were not offered for sale to the general public.

The ads were featured in all major women's magazines of the time and were always full page.

This ad from 1955 is one of my favorites.  Instead of a ball gown, we have beaded cigarette pants with attached drapes at the back.  I WANT to know who designed this ensemble, don't you?