Monday, April 08, 2013

Mr. Blackwell Dresses, 1960

Mr. Blackwell, of the famous Worst Dressed List, had his own clothing line starting in 1958.  Here he is photographed surrounded by a bevy of beauties wearing his dresses for summer 1960. 

Left:  Angel sleeves add bewitchment to a sorceress sheath of imported silk linen, fitted to make everyone glad  you're a girl.  About $90 (that's $706 in today's dollar.)

Back:  Flag-colored stripes blazed on sailcloth.  Cutaway jacket, giant clutch purse, square-necked sheath of sailcloth.  About $45 (that's $353 in today's dollar.)

Right:  High voltage colors in a flowered cotton sheath strewn with glitter.  Added flirting voltage: neckline, fish-tail skirt.  About $45 (that's $353 in today's dollar.)