Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Work Vintage Into Your Modern Wardrobe

This is Aisha Faridi.  She writes one of my favorite blogs, Bold Minimalist.  Aisha recently purchased this vintage Lanvin blouse and skirt set at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago.  Aisha has a wonderful eye and the unique talent of being able to see the possibilities of a garment when it's on a hangar.  I know many of us would have looked at this dolman sleeved blouse and longish skirt on that hangar and passed it right by.  But look at how fabulous they are when mixed with modern accessories like the bold belt and clutch!  Even better?  Because this is two pieces, Aisha can mix and match the blouse and skirt with other garments in her wardrobe for many different looks.  And she shows you how to do just that in her blog post about "The Art of Vintage Shopping."   Please pop on over to Bold Minimalist and see how Aisha wears these vintage pieces in other ways and get inspired to do it for yourself.  And thank you, Aisha, for making the world a more beautiful place by wearing vintage!

Photo by Zeeshan Shaykh, courtesy of Bold Minimalist.