Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, 1960

In photos from the late Fall of 1960, we can see what a different experience shopping was compared to the crammed sales floors of today.  Look!  A place to sit!  Individual service from one of many sales assistants!  Place your order and have it delivered to your home!

Evening gowns galore! 

A gentleman shops for a hat for a lady friend.  Note how the hats are stored in deep drawers.

Space to move with large mirrors and generous lighting while trying on clothes.

And if you had the money, you could shop in the custom salon with even more individualized service.

Finally, in the custom couture salon, you could purchase an exclusive design from Sophie Gimbel (she's on the right.)

Those were the days!

All photos by Peter Stackpole for Life Magazine, 1960.