Monday, November 18, 2013

Forgotten Fashion House Foxbrownie

Late 1930s evening gown by Foxbrownie in the collection of The Mint Museum of Art
Designer Stella Brownie Kaufman joined with William Fox in 1937 to form a high end fashion house called Foxbrownie.  Once referred to as "the high priestess of youth in fashion", Kaufman designed expensive clothing for day and evening in the finest fabrics. The Foxbrownie Company was a member of the Fashion Originators Guild and their clothing was carried by the best department stores and high end boutiques, such as Jay Thorpe in New York City.  Not much is known about the company today beyond these few details, and Foxbrownie disappears from media mention by 1949.  Stella Brownie Kaufman died in 1997 and her obituary in the New York Times simply said, "During her lifetime, she was very active in, and made several important contributions to, the fashion industry."

Following are fashion drawings of Foxbrownie fashions from the 1940s.

 These Foxbrownie suits sold for $100 each in 1945 (equivalent to about $1300 each in today's dollar.)


These dresses sold for $79.95 each in 1947 (equivalent to about $840.00 each in today's dollar.)