Monday, December 16, 2013

My Christmas Tree

I posted a picture of my Christmas tree over on my Facebook page and several people asked to see close-ups.  I have a skinny silver tree that needed something to jazz it up.  I found turquoise tree lights on sale.  During our recent move, I had taken all the broken bits of vintage rhinestone jewelry, buttons and trim and put them all together in a box.  I pulled out that box, added ornament hangers to the sparkly jewels and buttons and draped the necklaces and bracelets like garland.  At the thrift store this past week, I found two tins full of small glass ornaments from the 50s and they added just the right touch of color the tree needed.  Voila!  Here she is in all her glory!

 She's wearing a tiara at the top and that's a vintage Santa pin made from yarn and cotton batting.

 Rhinestone necklaces, buckles, buttons and vintage ornaments all sparkle in the glow of the lights.

 Finally, a use for that large 1950s pin with missing stones!

Broken rhinestone bracelets are hung from one end as long sparkling icicles, as seen at the right.