Thursday, January 09, 2014

Photography by Gleb Derujinsky

Yesterday I showed you a marvelous photo by Gleb Derujinsky from 1954.  In looking at some of his other work online, I found that he often had a wonderfully quirky point of view and used surprising juxtapositions of high fashion mixed with everyday or even strange objects.  Above, the model, Gleb's wife Ruth, is wearing a Rose Marie Reid swimsuit while perching atop a dinosaur replica in 1960.

2 models wearing Pierre Cardin dresses pose with a French woman holding baguettes and a poodle with an injured leg.  Photo from 1958.

Models wear dresses by Norman Norell and hats by Halston in a French stairwell, 1961.

Model poses at the early morning fish market in France, 1957.

Model with harp, 1951.

All photos by Gleb Derujinsky for Harper's Bazaar.