Monday, February 24, 2014

Rose Marie Reid Swimsuits, 1954

Tired of winter?  Here's a bit of relief.  This ad for Rose Marie swimsuits is from November of 1954 and featured two jewel-toned suits for tropical vacations during the winter of that year.  The suits are incredible, but note the matching scarves that were designed specifically to coordinate by Rex.  And then note the addition of the rhinestone starfish brooch on the pink scarf.  Love!

"Pouf go those winter winds! Blaze goes the sun...and from Trinidad to Tuscan, Majorca to Miami, you're part of the fun!  Smart girl, if you're a second-vacation traveler, revitalizing for the rest of the year. Lucky girl, if your first flight is in fashion...a new shape that says you've arrived!  The shape, a feather boned sheath.  The suits, "Court Lady," left, $19.95. "Beau Catcher," right, $17.95." (That's about $173 and $156 in today's dollar.)

Photo from a full page ad appearing in Harper's Bazaar for Rose Marie Reid, 1954.