Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1963 Fashion for Mad Men - Betty Draper

Housewife and mother Betty Draper on AMC's Mad Men is one of the few female characters with enough money to dress in expensive clothes, and I sure love to watch what she wears.

Judging by the gallery photos for season three at the Mad Men website, it looks like Betty is moving away from her preference for full skirted dresses, and this makes sense, as the full skirted dress is definitely on the way out of fashion in 1963. Betty also preferred demure cashmere twinsets and blouses with skirts. It will be fun to watch Betty explore clothing that fits her figure more closely as she continues to try and find happiness in her life.

As season 3 opens, Betty will be 9 months pregnant with her 3rd child. This plaid blouse with grey flannel jerkin and skirt are typical of maternity wear in 1963.

This pale blue silk dress by Harvey Berin is perfectly suited to Betty's post-pregnancy cool and sophisticated new style.

While Betty explores more figure fitting styles, I'm sure we'll see her slip back into her former comfort zone at times. This brown and white stripe cotton dress by Nelly Don would add a bit of fun to her wardrobe.

This Carlye dress with it's embroidered bodice and pleated skirt also hearkens back to Betty's more traditional style.

But, Betty, how about this Branell silk ottoman A-line dress with matching coat? Perfect for ladies who lunch in the big city.

Betty is one of the few female characters on the show who wears evening gowns. This beaded silk sheath with matching silk evening coat is perfect for Betty to make a grand eye-popping entrance.

Betty is also one of the few to wear fur on the show. Will Don try to woo Betty back with another fur coat? We suggest chinchilla by Fredrica.


Sal said...

I'm so enjoying this series, and once again, think you're spot-on for Betty's taste

christa weil said...

1963 was a VERY good year.

Last weekend was watching "From Russia with Love," also '63 . . . am convinced Sean Connery was a sartorial model for DD . . .

beautiful clothes, thank you

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Love it, especially the last two.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Berry said...

The striped dress and fur coat are fabulous!

Deja Pseu said...

Gorgeous choices! I think you've really nailed down her style.

Gladys said...

Oh I almost forgot Betty was pregnant. I can't wait for it to start again. I envy the clothes Betty wears. I'm anxious to see what you pick out for Peggy. I do hope she snazzes up her wardrobe and her look.

fuzzylizzie said...

The Harvey Berin has my vote, but they are all great choices.

Clairegeit said...

The actress (I do forget her real name) hinted in an article for Australian Vogue this month that we can expect a more hippie/feminist out look from Betty so maybe pants and caftans?

Bonnieyu said...

Does anyone know who makes the polka dot dress Betty Draper is wearing in the episode where she is finally fed up with Don and she is wearing the dress for several scenes? The cream one with the green, blue, and yellow dots?

Bonnieyu said...

Or do you think it is custom made?

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