Monday, August 31, 2009

Fringe - tastic Fashion from 1969

By 1969, high fashion was being influenced by "the street". Designers started paying attention to what young people were wearing and translated those looks into high fashion. Hippies were definitely influencing the runway, as you can see in these images from August of 1969. The looks are modeled here by late sixties "it" girl, Penelope Tree.

A black satin mini dress has long red fringe that hangs from the neckline, wrists, and sash belt. The dress is by Victoria Royal and sold for $90 in 1969 (abut $522 in today's dollar). Fringe wig by Ara Gallant.

A faux suede wrap dress by Ginori with fringe at the sleeves and hem is worn over a classic white shirt. The dress sold for $110 in 1969 (about $639 in today's dollar). Boots by Golo.

All fringe buckskin poncho and leggings by Patricia Bronstein for El Greco. The poncho sold for $65 in 1969 (about $378 in today's dollar). The necklace is by Conrado and Claude.

Bonnie Cashin designed this brown suede dress and leggings with fringe at the skirt and down the legs. The dress has Cashin's signature turnlock closures at the front. I've actually sold this exact dress about 5 years ago and wish I still had the original pictures to show you. It was completely lined in bright pink silk and the suede was incredibly soft to the touch.

Black satin with a deep neckline that laces up and an all fringe skirt by Joel Schumacher for Paraphernalia, a hip boutique in New York. The dress sold for $50 in 1969 (about $290 in today's dollar). Fringe wig by Ara Gallant.


Sal said...

Fringe is such fun ... I am still too shy to do leather fringe, but adore these designs nonetheless.

Gladys said...

I remember having a suede mini skirt and a fringe vest with matching boots all in deep blue suede. Oh and a beaded head band.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Gladys, somewhere I have a picture of me with my fringed leather purse in 1969.

Di said...

I also love fringe!

WendyB said...

I have a weakness for fringe. When I was little, I wanted to be an Indian brave when I grew up so I could wear leather fringe and feathers :-)

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