Monday, August 10, 2009

1963 Fashion for Mad Men - Joan Holloway

Mad Men Season 3 starts this Sunday on AMC. This season will be set in 1963. All this week, I'm going to take a look at actual fashion from 1963 magazines so we'll have an idea of what our favorite characters might be wearing.

Office Manager Joan Holloway knows how to wear fitted dresses that show off her curves, while still maintaining a look that is right on the edge of professional. In 1963, fashion is becoming a bit looser, with A-line shapes, slight gathers at the waist of skirts, and boxier jackets and tops over fitted skirts. It will be interesting to see how that translates into Joan's wardrobe, but I imagine she will still wear her body-hugging styles.

I can see Joan wearing the following garments:

This two piece set by Shannon Rogers for Jerry Silverman in shamrock green with a printed scarf has a fitted skirt and a body skimming top that buttons in the back.

This deep blue sheath by Wilroy gives a nod to the looser shapes with it's slight gathers under the bust. The shallow V neckline adds that touch of sexy that Joan needs.

Floral prints are important, and I think Joan could rock this look by Macshore Classics. The shell blouse and cardigan style jacket are worn over a fitted skirt. Of course, Joan would remove the jacket as soon as she arrived at the office.

Knits are becoming important and this Nantucket Knitters two piece set is the type of thing Joan would wear in a heartbeat.

Another perfect choice for Joan, this Herbert Sondheim red dress has slight gathers under the bust and, in a nod to Jackie Kennedy. a perfectly placed bow.

For cocktails, this brocade fitted sheath with a little bolero jacket would definitely find a place in Joan's closet. This one, by Sophie of Saks, would be far out of Joan's price range, but you can bet she'd find something similar that she could afford.