Friday, September 11, 2009

What's That Fabric? Glen Plaid

Glen plaid is a twill woven pattern of small and large checks that form a sort of plaid-within-plaid pattern. It is usually made of tropical weight wool.

Glen plaid is one of those classic patterns that is always in fashion. The pattern is subtle enough to become a neutral and can be mixed with solids or prints.

From 1955, woman's suit with black velvet Chesterfield collar and pleated skirt by Moordale. Men's suit by Bloomingdale's. Click the picture for a larger view.


Sal said...

Hah! I never bothered to look up the definition of Glen plaid ... fascinating.

Deja Pseu said...

Love Glen Plaids and especially that suit!

Gladys said...

I love that suit. When I was a corporate drone I had a gorgeous fitted glen plaid suit in worsted wool. I miss that suit, the job not so much.

Usedandabusedvintage said...

gorgeous! i just picked up a lovely 1960s plaid swing coat - i love it!

in other news - we've given you a little blog award, see it here:

Mi x

Jenifir said...

I had a Glen Plaid suit that I loved in the late 80's. Glen Plaid has also been popularily known as Prince of Wales Check after Edward VIII who wore the fabric extensively as well setting many other fashion trends when he was Prince of Wales.

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