Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Floral Printed Lingerie - 1964

Warner's bra and girdle

Printed lingerie is quite common today, but in the early 60s, bras, panties, slips, and girdles in pretty floral prints were a new and revolutionary idea. Women could be just as pretty underneath their clothes as they were on the outside. And who wouldn't want to wear these spring floral prints instead of plain old white? These images are all from 1964.

Saramae nylon half slip with scalloped hem

Lejaby print bra with lace

Gotham chemise slip with lace edges

Formfit-Rogers bra and slip in black and white poppy print

Triumph International all-in-one corset with pale gray and blue print

The trick to wearing printed lingerie? Don't wear it under white or pale colors if you don't want show through! And did you know, if you're wearing white, you should wear flesh colored lingerie. A white bra or white panties will be glaringly visible under white clothing.


Vix said...

Oh, aren't those gorgeous (under the right thing, as you've mentioned!).

BTW, thought of you and your lingerie posts when catching up on Season 3 Mad Men.

**slight spoiler/revelation follows**

There's a scene when "Betty's" black dress comes off to reveal a very sophisticated-looking black bra + knickers set (no slip, girdle etc) and it seemed so decadent compared to her usual undergarments! Given the setting, I wondered if it might be European.

Sheila said...

Those are lovely!

When I worked in a women's clothing store, we referred to the white bra under a white t-shirt as "the white triangles of doom".

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