Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great 80s Fashion

Yesterday, we had great fun, both here and on my Facebook page, making fun of some ugly clothes from the 1980s. Lest you get the idea that I think all 80s fashion is awful, today I want to show you some fabulous clothing that I wouldn't hesitate to offer for sale on my website if I found it.

Pale pink silk organza coat by Thierry Mugler, 1982.

Strapless purple evening gown by Christian Dior, 1983.

Classic pant suit by Chanel, 1983, Lagerfeld's first year.

Kind of kooky, but kind of awesome. Bernard Perris, 1985.

Tropical seduction by Yves St. Laurent, 1985.

Gown by Tan Giudicelli, an Asian designer who went on to work in perfume, 1987.

Christian LaCroix, 1987.

Givenchy, 1987.


Twila Jean said...

hmm. I must disagree, while some of those are slightly acceptable, I think this just proves how awful the 80s were.


Sheila said...

I can really get into that kind of 80s. Man, that Chanel is gorgeous. I might have to try that look with some stuff in my closet.

Deja Pseu said...

Those really are gorgeous! We tend to focus on the awful trends and forget the good stuff from the 80's, at least I do.

fabulous finds said...

i always say...the 80's wasn't all bad...this is proof! that chanel is fabulous!!

Louise said...

I like the Chanel pant suit, the others not so much, but they make very interesting viewing!

Schimba Hainele said...

Bernard Perris not bad at all!

LikaLaruku said...

80s was the last decade of actual fashion. From the mid 90s to today, fashion hasn't changed at all & is still bland & baggy.

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