Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage Swimsuits - 1950

Yes, you read it right. This swimsuit by Jacques Heim is from 1950. Most of you felt this suit was from the 1960s, and it would have fooled me too if I didn't have the original magazine that these suits were featured in. Wearing History and annasoc both guessed early 50s, and Sacheverelle guessed 1940s over on Facebook. Congrats to you three for being the closest! This just goes to show how far ahead of his time Jacques Heim was.

Here are more suits from the same year. Enjoy!

Carven two-piece in orange, brown, and black cotton batik.

Bikini and cover-up by Jeanne Lafaurie. That is one daring swimsuit for it's time!

Black stretch jersey two piece by Amy Blatt.

Schiaparelli white cotton pique with buttons down the front.

A bit more covered up in white and blue sateen by Maggy Rouff.


hatjunkie said...

Those are really great. Looks like those vintage swimsuits are making a come back. I am seeing them everywhere.

Glamoursurf said...

Fabulous swimsuit fashions Jody. My guess was early 50s but I didn't want to spoil the fun for everyone. The accessories help to pull the look all together. I'll be shooting a 50s two piece I got this weekend at the Vintage fashion Expo and will be linking it up with this blog post. Stunning!

Louise said...

I love a coordinated beach hat with my swimsuit. And I never would have guessed 1950!

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