Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

1979 Per Spook red vinyl raincoat

It has been raining here since Friday. We're having a good old-fashioned New England Nor'easter, and all I can say is thank goodness it's not snow, as we'd be buried under several feet by now. The repairman is up on the roof of our 115-year-old house as I write this fixing a couple of leaks that have cropped up overnight. He's braver than I am, out in the wind and the rain. I don't even think these wonderful raincoats would keep me dry today.

1949 Balenciaga gabardine raincoat

1949 Schiaparelli raincoat

1956 Jeanne Lanvin raincoat

1965 Nina Ricci red vinyl raincoat

1975 Louis Feraud yellow raincoat and Courreges see-through umbrella


MrJeffery said...

i love the red ones!

puddin said...

Love the red one with matching boots!! "Rain drops keep falling on my head" etc.

rslosek said...

I have a 1980s Aquascutum cream and silver polka dot A line swing raincoat complete with gold buttons and epaulettes. It livens up a rainy day no end :)

vintageblackdress said...

yeah, those red ones rock!

Gladys said...

Love the red ones too.

I have to say I found a cute, cute, cute red rain coat in the kid's department of Macy's. I tried it on and it fit! I was very excited and walked around the store with it thinking I would purchase it. I had visions of me looking tres chic in my candy apple red swing rain coat with red rain boots and a red umbrella. I pictures myself looking oh so stylish as every one else darted in and out of the rain wearing hefty bags. Then I came to my senses remembered I live in Southern California where it NEVER rains but once a year and put it back on the rack and left dejected. Hummm I wonder how much a ticket to Seattle is.

Ms Hepburn said...

Great Rainy Days pics ! I love the glossy ones, they make a dark day a lot brighter. I'm going to have to make one or two for my page...

annasoc said...

If I owned that New Look 1949 Balenciaga fabardine gabardine raincoat, I'd say let April do its worst.

Anna S.

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