Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Swimsuit Inspiration - 1973

Dots and stripes.  Didn't Barbie have a striped suit like the one on the right?  You can see from today's photos how lycra changed swimwear dramatically.  Both suits by Ungaro Parallele.

Strategically placed cut-out, bracelets, and fabulous sunglasses!  Suit by Nautic
Simple black halter suit with a low low low-cut back.  The only accent needed is long straight hair.  Silhouette.
Twiggy wears a barely there hand knitted string bikini.  You can just see the openwork knitting on the top.  These teeny handmade bikinis were hugely popular in the early 70s.  Twiggy wears hers with a black wig.

Set off a simple black bikini with a printed head scarf worn around the head and then wrapped and tied at the neck.  Pierre Cardin Diffusion.


Anonymous said...

My two favorites are the Nautic and the Silhouette. To me, they represent the timelessness of clean lines; for, if I were younger and had the figure, I could wear these to the pool and be fashionably current.

dahhlayne said...

My favorite bathing suits would definitely have to be some of the amazing one-pieces back then. A lot of the one-pieces I find now in some stores just try to show more skin to the point that it's basically a bikini! It's all about patterns and designs...not just skin when it comes to fashion and style. :)

Hudson & Gretel said...


Paula said...

Love seeing Twiggy with the black wig--she looks great!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

It's interesting to me to see the difference in the demure cut of the red stripe suit compared to the tiny string bikini that Twiggy is wearing. The 60s and 70s was when a great variation in acceptable styles became apparent.

those tricks said...

It's so cool to see fairly modern swim fashion shots with the bodies not photoshopped.
Big difference in the feel of he photography.
I especially love the boat photo.

deang said...

There may have been a lot of swimsuit variety in fashion mags in the 70s, but almost all we saw poolside in our Dallas suburb at the time were tiny little bikinis, mostly string bikinis, on young women and basic tank maillots on others.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a variety of one piece suits available now.

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