Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspiration From B.H. Wragge - 1960

Today's inspiring garment is a dress by B.H. Wragge.  This is a simple blouson sheath in brown Moygashel linen that probably looks quite elegant but ordinary from the front.  Turn around, though, and you've got a pop of a bright red zipper from shoulder to hem.  The zipper pull is a cluster of beads by Coro.  The zipper is the latest thing in 1960, the new Talon Zephyr nylon zipper.  I adore the fact that the zipper is set off to the side rather than placed at the center back where you would expect it to be. Now isn't that ingenious!  Sold for $50 in 1960 (about $381 in today's dollar.)

How does this inspire you?


those tricks said...

What a dress.
What a photo.
Makes me want to saunter into a dark cocktail lounge and order an old fashioned.
Ffter traipsing the big city streets all day running errands at fine establishments, of course.

Kay said...

It inspires the heck out of me to ferret out all those vintage zippers I own and start a revolution in the neck sheath I create! Wow, this is GORGEOUS! And such fun!!! (I think I actually might OWN a Talon 1960 zipper.) Oh, this is great...thanks for sharing this marvelous image. I wish I could zoom in and see the dangle that's attached...or is it?
Love, Kay

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