Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Judith and Keri!

Meet Judith, author of the blog Style Crone.  Judith has an incredible sense of style and the most amazing collection of vintage hats that she wears with an equally amazing wardrobe full of vintage clothing.  She shares her fashion inspiration on her blog and I am an avid fan.

Judith recently purchased this late 1930s hat from Couture Allure and found out that she can wear it with the feather and pouf facing front or back.  Doesn't she look grand?  Please pop on over to Style Crone for more photos of Judith and her hats.

1930s feather hat at Couture Allure

 Speaking of hats....meet Keri.  Keri is another woman with an incredible fashion sense.  She purchased this 1970s beaded evening gown by Michael Novarese from Couture Allure and combined it with a 20s style cloche made by her hat designer, Mr. Sax Unlimited.  Isn't she beautiful?

1970s Michael Novarese gown at Couture Allure

 Keri also purchased this 1980s full skirted dress from Couture Allure.  She paired it with another incredible hat.  When Keri sent me this photo, I gasped out loud.  I love her unique perspective and her sense of style, don't you?

1980s dress at Couture Allure


Audi said...

These ladies look wonderful! They both have incredible style and look smashing in their hats.

fashionoverfifty said...

Wow! I've been an admirer of Style Crone too--I am also a lover of hats and Judiths collection is to die for!
Love Keri in the full skirted-dress and THAT HAT!!! I also gasped..and in a good way!
Thanks for sharing these photos of people wearing the vintage. It really helps for styling.

Shannon said...

Great looks! Love the 80s dress.

The Style Crone said...

I love Keri's outfits! And the hats! Thank you for the mention and I look forward to purchasing more beauties from the magnificent Couture Allure Collection.

CarmenDahling said...

Gorgeous ladies in hats can change the world!

Anonymous said...

Judith would look divine with a paper bag on her head. Love from a fan, D.

Vix said...

Yes, Judith and Keri *do* look amazing!

Along with that versatile hat, I have to comment on Judith's amazing earrings. And Keri in that beaded dress alone looks fantastic; add the hat and it's another level.

Your customer photos are always a favorite of mine; thanks to everyone for sharing.

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