Monday, September 26, 2011

Wearing Vintage Sweaters - 1954

I spent a couple of days last week adding this year's collection of vintage sweaters to the website.  If you've never worn a vintage sweater, I urge you to give one a try.  They are made from much higher quality yarns that those of today and they are usually fully fashioned, which means the pieces are knitted into shape, not cut and sewn from a flat piece of fabric.

Since it's now officially fall (drat!), I thought I would show you some photos of sweaters from 1954.  They're all matched with basic pants and skirts in khaki and gray. Prices shown are the actual prices from 1954 and today's equivalent is in parentheses.

Left:  Pringle gray cashmere pullover with a stripe of lighter gray in the mock turtleneck.  $26 ($219)
Center:  Bernhard Altmann strawberry red cashmere pullover with short sleeves.  $23 ($194)
Right:  Korrigan-Lesure black button down cardigan worn with the buttons in back.  $35 ($295)

Left:  Braemar ribbed pullover in pale ivory.  $23 ($194)
Center:  Hadley red cashmere short sleeve with white stripe accents.  $22 ($185)
Right:  Jantzen ivory wool/vicara blend pullover with white angora neck and cuffs.  $11 ($93)

Left:  Dalton cashmere turtleneck with button placket in ice blue.  $25 ($211)
Center:  Maurice Handler cashmere sweater in the style of a shirt with shirt tail hem.  $30 ($253)
Right:  Goldworm wool rib-knit with zipper neckline.  $14 ($118)

Left:  Geist and Geist purple wool pullover with cowl collar.  $25 ($211)
Center:  Roseanna white ribbed wool with big sailor collar.  $18 ($152)
Right:  Stanley Boutique reversible jacket, cable knit on one side, alpaca on the other.  $40 ($337)


andrea said...

I will take the ribbed ice blue, please. I wear very little blue, but I always want to have an ice blue sweater in my closet.

Casey said...

I have been slowly but surely cleaning all my vintage sweaters the past few weeks in anticipation of eventually wearing them. I've managed to collect up quite a few while living in the more hot and humid part of Florida, oddly enough! One of my favorites is a gorgeous late 50s blue cardigan that is a Pringle, I believe (don't have it with me so I can't say for sure), that I found for less than $10 in a thrift shop in nearly-perfect condition too. Ever since I bought my first vintage, cashmere sweater about five years ago, I've been hooked! I really don't buy a lot of newer sweaters now because the quality just isn't that great...

Joules said...

Cool post, Jody, and I wholeheartedly agree. Vintage sweaters rule! I hadn't realized Roseanna went back that far; that sailor collar one is neat.

Seaside Studio vintage jewelry said...

Great pics, perfect for fall.

Sarah said...

I own several vintage cahsmeres and love that they can be worn in a non costume-ey way. I also wear some bejeweled and sequinned sweaters...those do scream vintage...but are a pleasure to wear as well.

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