Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Eye Candy - Christian LaCroix, 1990

Christian LaCroix Pret-a-Porter, Fall 1990.  Do I like the floral encrusted bodice or the jewelry more?  I can't choose.


Miss Rayne said...

After seeing this model in the mid 80s I REALLY wanted grey hair (I was about 20 then).
Having seen her again I STILL DO and its more likely these to happen days.

deang said...

I like her hair, too. There was that brief period in the early 90s when small upswept cones of hair on the back of the head were fashionable. To me, they looked like the earliest late 50s beehives.

Anonymous said...

Marie Seznec....She is the BEST of the models from the 80s !

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