Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fur - Maggy Rouff, 1953

I've been puzzling over the construction of this white mink jacket? stole? for the last couple of hours.  Designed by Maggy Rouff in 1953, I think this is is a jacket with splits in the sleeves at the elbows so it looks like you're holding a separate muff.  But it could certainly be a separate muff.  What's your theory?


Garnet said...

If it is a separate muff, it's huge. I love the look, though. It's so cozy!


CarmenDahling said...

It looks like a matching muff to me and love the fascinator too.

Susan said...

I think it's a muff. If it were sleeves they would droop when the arms were straightened. How lovely!

elfine said...

Je pense que Susan à raison, cela ne peut être qu'un manchon séparé, pour donner plus de chaleur à une très petite veste (presque un boléro).
C'est très beau. merci pour ces souvenirs.

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