Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rosalie Macrini Evening Jumpsuit - 1956

Yes, 1956!  Are you surprised?  I was!  Many of you were very close in your guesses and Casey was spot on! Harem legged jumpsuits like this one were more popular in the mid-to-late 60s as at-home hostess or loungewear, so I was taken aback to see this photograph from 1956.

The designer was Rosalie Macrini.  Macrini began designing in 1930 for the Barbara Costume Company in New York.  She bought the company sometime in the 1950s.  Her specialty was cocktail and evening wear.  Macrini was a master at hiding figure flaws.  Many of her dresses featured the floating chiffon drape as featured with the harem jumpsuit above.  The drape could be wrapped in many ways to hide bulges.  Her clothes always featured full boning so the bodice didn't sag.  Here are some more of Macrini's designs from the 1950s and early 60s.



Late 1950s


1963.  This harem-legged jumpsuit was designed to coincide with the opening of the film Lawrence of Arabia.


Casey said...

Oh wow--I can't believe I guessed right. lol! Can you just imagine the stir wearing a harem-pant evening ensemble would have caused in the mid 50s? (Certainly not as much as earlier eras with forays into evening-wear trousers, but the woman who wore such a garment wouldn't be the shy type!) Love the other images you included of Rosalie Macrini's work; the second image is my favorite.

Lisa Acheson said...

Hi! It's Lisa from Dress Vintage..thanks for this beautiful post! I love Rosalie Macrini and have two of her gowns on my site, including the red one you have depicted in the above ad!! I was thrilled to see a photo of it! She was an incredible designer! xo

Lillgull said...

Oh I was way of, hehehe.. Of course I should have considered the heel and shape of the shoe. The heel is way to narrow for the 30s!
And the bodice is also a giveaway.

laurakitty said...

I seriously adore that last outfit- perfection.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Hi Lisa! I took a look at your Macrini pieces. They are fabulous!

Dani Freitas said...

That's marvellous! So actual, don't you think? That's why I love so much learning and studying fashion. It's quite a circle of comings and goings. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Rosalie Macrini was a cousin of my father! I was in elementary school and knew nothing about her other than she was a dress designer. It is exciting to see her designs now. Thank you for sharing.

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