Friday, December 30, 2011

Lanvin-Castillo Dress - 1958

Bergdorf Goodman offered this copy of a Lanvin-Castillo design in their custom salon for Spring 1958.  The dress was available in all white lace or white lace re-embroidered in gold or silver threads. Perfect for your New Year's celebration, no? Sold for $650 in 1958 (about $5,093 in today's dollar.)


FairyFiligree said...

Not sure I like this - it's a bit over the top for my tastes.

Kay said...

Darling dress and right on the current "mullet" dress trend..shorter in front, tailed in back. This is DIVINE! Thanks for sharing! I think 1958-59 is one of the most glamorous times for ladies' fashions and this is solid proof of why!


elfine said...

vous nous offrez de merveilleux souvenirs; pour la petite histoire une "petite main" de l'époque gagnait modestement 30000 frs par mois chez Lanvin-Castillo à Paris ce qui représenterait aujourd'hui environ 400€ mais en aimant le métier ça n'avait aucune importance tant qu'on habitait encore chez ses parents.
Bonne et heureuse année "rétros"

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