Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume Contest Entries 2012 #1

The entries for the Couture Allure Halloween Costume Contest are starting to trickle in!  Want to win a $50 gift certificate?  Here are the full details and contest rules.

In a mind-boggling bit of serendipity, 3 of the entries so far are ladies who took their inspiration from Tippi Hedron's character in "The Birds."  The first time that film came to television, my sister and I begged our mom to let us stay up and watch it.  After what must have been hours of whining, nagging and moaning, mom finally relented.  I had nightmares for a week and I still can't watch that movie!

1.  Melissa C. carried a vintage purse.  She studied and duplicated the actual make-up from the film.

2.  Sheila from the blog Ephemera.  Her hat and gloves are vintage.

3.  Pamela wore her mom's 1950s mink stole as part of her costume.

Contest entrant #15, Sue sent along pictures from her Tippi Hedron costume she wore several years ago.  Everything is vintage and Sue made 4 costume changes throughout the day following the progression of the movie.  Ummm, I want that green purse!!!!!!


Vintagesuburbia said...

I love these, so imaginative. Well done girls! I think I like the first one out of all, just because the entrant manages to look so composed and 1950s-like when being 'attacked' by birds!

Dina said...

I've been wanting to do this costume for the longest time! I can never seem to find the perfect pea green skirt suit...
The first lady is the best, IMHO, because she really captured that slightly disheveled but strangely detached Tippi look!
Thanks for sharing these :-)


thatdamngreendress said...

Ha- good thing I didn't enter again this year! My costume is the Birds as well- must be something in the zeitgeist (I didn't know that there was that new HBO film about Hitchcock and Tippi even...)

I love how these all evoke different aspects of the concept. Nice.

And the perfect pea green suit is hard- I ended up dying a sage green one that I've been struggling to adapt to this purpose for years. Really I'd love to just get this suit made for everyday wear!

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