Thursday, October 04, 2012

More Sew It Yourself - 1950

Yesterday I showed you some photos of clothing  made from Bates cotton fabrics in 1950.  Today's examples were made from Milliken Woolens. Yes, you can make your own suits and coats at home.  The possibilities are endless!

At left: A pleated skirt and bolero made from all wool plaid, worn with a red blouse made from rayon twill. 
At right:  A simple navy dress made in navy wool basket-weave fabric.  The short topper coat is in red wool fleece.  Unfortunately, I cannot find an example of Simplicity pattern 3033 that the dress was made from.

The skirt and blouse on the left were made from Simplicity pattern 3157 from 1950.  It's interesting how the look of these pieces changes from summer to fall with a change in the choice of fabrics.

The bolero jacket on the left was made from Simplicity pattern 3093.  Yes, you can mix and match pieces from different patterns to make your own take on a suit!

The red topper jacket shown on the right above was made from Simplicity pattern 3090.  I love how this can double as a suit jacket or outerwear!

At left:  A suit made from a wool/rayon blend in navy with tiny red dots.
At right:  The same navy wool dress shown at the right in the first photo is worn with a longer coat in green wool fleece.

The suit on the left was made using Simplicity pattern 3127.  Look at the versatility this pattern gives you! 

The green 3/4 coat shown on the right was made using Simplicity pattern 3090 again, this time in the longer version.  Both pieces look great over the navy dress, don't you think?