Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Striking Moment, 1971

It happens every once in awhile.  I'll be flipping through a vintage magazine and an image stops me cold.  That happened to me last night when I was looking through some 1971 issues doing research for a friend.  The model is Naomi Sims, often called the "First Black Supermodel."  The dress is by Hanae Mori (worn here sans slip.)  And the jewelry?  18k hammered gold necklace and cuff bracelet by Greek artist and jeweler Lisa Sotilis.  The three combined make for an incredibly striking photo taken by Irving Penn.  Do you agree?


The Working Home Keeper said...


Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Ms. Fluffy Dogs said...

I love her beautiful things. Check out her own website at www.solitis.com. She lives in Milan and is still producing beautiful jewelry and sculpture. She has just donated a gorgeous 24K/bronze sculpture to Napa Valley Hospice's upcoming gala live auction. Wow.

Annie said...

Yes, I do. But note how they lightened up her face. It was 1971!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Annie, I believe what you are seeing is the work of the make-up artist and was deliberate. The make-up may have been done by Serge Lutens who was known for his unusual techniques.

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