Thursday, August 14, 2008

1958 Coats by Shag-Glow

Continuing our perusal of the October 1958 Seventeen magazine, here is an ad for Shag-Glow coats. The ad copy reads, "The Long and Short of it, Luxurious Shag-Glow Coats, You'll love the genuine comfort and soft warmth of these coats...made of the finest 100% pure wool fabric. Moth proofed for the life of the garment. Long about $35 - Short about $25. Colors: Burnt Orange, Winter Sea Green, Burnt Yellow."

$35 in 1958 is about $261 today. $25 in 1958 is about $187 today, so these would be considered nicer quality coats. Shag-Glow was a label put out by Hampshire Fashions on 7th Avenue in New York. The "Faribo Woolen Fabric" was an exclusive fabric by Faribault Woolen Mills.

These are simply styled day coats, worn in this photo with matching hats and gloves. I love the color names, although they look simply orange, turquoise, and brown to me! All three coats have raglan sleeves, the orange with a deeper dolman armhole. They have simple collars buttoned all the way up. The orange coat has a curved pocket and a half belt buttoned on at the sides. The brown coat has a vertical welted pocket.

Want the look? Here is a similar coat at Couture Allure on EBay.