Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1958 Velveteen Party Dress

Velveteen Party Pet $10.95 - Gets all the Glances, Gets all the Dances

This ad is from the October 1958 issue of Seventeen Magazine. Here is the description given in the ad:
"Youre the center of all your Party Pet...the line...the look that's new for the season, fun for the Holidays. A tiny waistline clings down to the hips, then swings wide and handsome for the prettiest whirl ever. The princess line is styled just right for you. The ringing of your telephone will tell you it's true. In vibrant velveteen, that does special things for young figures. Yummy Party Red or Royal Blue."

Included in the ad is a coupon to order the dress for $10.95 (!) from Braunstein's in Wilmington, DE.

You probably can't see the details in my scan, but the dress has a full circle skirt sewn flat to a dropped waist. Gathers or pleats would be too bulky in velveteen. I'll bet that bateau neckline drops to a V in the back. The model is wearing short white gloves, a gold chain necklace, and red flats. And underneath, you know she's wearing a girdle to get that tiny waist and a full crinoline or two for whirling and twirling.

I love the marketing in the ad, especially the line in the header about "Gets all the glances, gets all the dances". Later they tell you you're going to get all kinds of phone calls from guys because you've worn this dress to the dance. I'm not sure what's so great about velveteen that it does special things for young figures. But you've got to love a dress called the Party Pet.

Not a circle skirt, but red velveteen from about the same time. This one is available at