Friday, June 19, 2009

Isabel Toledo Exhibit at FIT New York

Exit Penn Station in New York City on the 7th Avenue side. Turn right. Walk 6 1/2 short blocks to 27th Street. In front of you is the entrance to The Museum at FIT. Walk through the revolving glass doors and enter another world - a world devoted to fashion in all its glory. Best of all, it's free!

On Wednesday, the newest exhibit at the museum opened, "Isabel Toledo: Fashion From the Inside Out". While not well known to the masses before Michelle Obama wore her design for the Inauguration, Toledo is one of the most talented designers of our time. An accomplished seamstress, Toledo's work is described as highly experimental.

Spring 2005

Isabel Toledo was born in Cuba in 1961 and moved to New Jersey in her teens, where she met future husband and collaborator, Ruben Toledo. She attended FIT and Parsons School of Design, and presented her first collection in 1985.


Toledo has an intimate understanding of garment construction and pattern design, which allows her to create unusual sculptural and innovative garments. Her work is destined to become highly collectible and will reside in museum collections for future generations to study and appreciate.

If you live in New York, or are planning a trip there this summer, I urge you to attend this retrospective exhibit, which showcases about 70 garments by Toledo. And yes, Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day outfit is included.