Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Big Hair 1965

In the mid 1960's, hairstyles were BIG. In just a few short years, teens would protest and start to wear their hair long and straight in reaction to the hours it took to create these looks.

It was not uncommon to spend 2-3 hours at the hairdresser for a wash and set.

At home, women set their hair on huge rollers and either slept on them or sat under a home hair dryer for an hour or so. Remember, the hand held blow dryer was yet to be invented.

Hair was sprayed, teased, back combed, and sprayed again.

Many women wore synthetic "falls" to add length and more volume to their hair.

And it was not uncommon to wear "rats" hidden under your hair to add even more volume.

Still, with all the work involved, I think these women look fabulous with their elaborate hairstyles. How about you?

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