Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mini Skirts - 1972

At first glance, you may think these dresses from 1972 were shortened just to make an impact in the photographs. You may think that we didn't wear our mini skirts that short. You'd be wrong. Yes, Virginia, we did wear our skirts this short. And yes, we had to learn to move so as not to show more than we wanted. No bending from the waist, always from the knees. No crossing of the legs without first tugging at the hem of your skirt. In fact, we were always tugging at the hem of our skirts to keep our ba-donka-donks covered. And, yes, we froze in cold weather. We were slaves to fashion.

Teal green jersey mini dress with side buttons by Daniel Hechter is worn with a white rib knit turtleneck jersey and green rib knit tights. White boots by Jean Barthet.
On the right, orange and yellow striped dress by Daniel Hechter worn with orange opaque tights and platform shoes.

A printed jersey jumper with buttons at the shoulder straps by Get Gaston Jaunet is worn over a black rib knit turtleneck top and black rib knit tights.

Heavy blue wool tunic and mini skirt by Madd worn with a red knit turtleneck sweater and nude pantyhose.