Monday, October 26, 2009

Full Skirts - 1951

Dior may have introduced the full skirt with his "New Look" collection of 1947, but the look wasn't adapted by most American women until 1951. In fact, it wasn't until the summer of 1951, that American Vogue magazine declared "The Full Skirt is the New Skirt". And it wasn't until 1951 that lingerie makers started offering crinoline petticoats in various shapes and fulnesses to be worn under these new full skirts.

Things to consider when wearing full skirts? They look best with high heeled, sleek shoes. Think about the coat you'll wear - a waist length narrow jacket or a long full coat that is the same length as the dress is required. To avoid too much bulk at the hips, consider a drop waisted style with the fullness flaring out from a hip yoke. And choose the proper petticoat with a shape and length that compliments the shape of your full skirt. Wear it inside out if the seams snag your stockings.

Here, some designer styles from 1951.

Black silk organdie suit by Jacques Fath.

Larry Aldrich's black faille dress has the hip yoke referred to above. Sold for $50 in 1951 (about $410 in today's dollar).

Adele Simpson silk brocade suit. Sold for $175 in 1951 (about $1435 in today's dollar).

Castillo white rayon net over silk faille party dress with contrasting silk faille "apron". Sold for $265 in 1951 (about $2173 in today's dollar).