Monday, November 09, 2009

Day to Date Dress - 1950

These images come from an ad for Wyner worsted wool jersey fabric in a 1950 magazine. Our clever secretary has made a sleeveless dress from Simplicity pattern 8307 in this versatile fabric that will take her from a long day at the office to a date in the evening.

Here, she wears the dress over a jewel necked pullover and matching belt. Now if her boss would just sign the darned letter, she could get changed and meet her date.

Here, our gal-about-town has removed the top, and traded her watch for a bangle bracelet. Her velvet cap adds a touch of elegance while sipping martinis with her man. But wait!! Isn't that her boss? Why yes, yes it is. There was no money in the budget for a second male model, I guess. Oops.

The original 1950 pattern is available for purchase from The Cupid and The Swan at for $35.00. It's not often that I find an exact pattern match for garments featured on my blog. If you like what you see, grab the pattern quick, because there is only one!