Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marimekko on Exhibit

Back in July, I did a post about Marimekko dresses and the original Design Research store in Cambridge, MA. Crate and Barrel recently vacated the DR building, and rather than have it sit empty, the landlord allowed Jane Thompson, wife of DR founder Ben Thompson, to pull together an exhibit of what the original DR store looked like to mark it's 40th anniversary. Included are vintage Marimekko dresses hanging in the windows.

The exhibit can only be viewed through the windows from the outside, and is brightly lit at night. If you live in the Boston area or will be visiting, take a trip to Harvard Square to see a bit of history on view through April 2010. This is how we shopped 40 years ago!

Want to see more of the Marimekko on display? Pop on over to the Marimekko Blog to see a host of stunning photos. I didn't know Marimekko had a blog, but I was sure happy to find it!

And if you've got a free 10 minutes, this clip from WGBH news program Greater Boston is worth your time. At least watch the first 5 with film from inside the exhibit.